Who is Kevin?

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Life is a journey!  There is amazing beauty in our personal lives.  We can all think of good times, difficult times, and times when life seems too complex.  Then on top of the complexity of life we add faith.  If you are like me, you probably assumed that your faith would make life less complicated, but found out that’s not true.  Now, besides the complexity of life, we have the complexity of faith.

In 2006, my faith life was upended.  I began a faith journey that has been incredible.  I am more engaged, more excited, and more passionate about Jesus than I have ever been before.  I can break my exciting faith journey down to one word.  GRACE! The message of GRACE is so exciting to me and I started sharing these amazing truths with everyone.  I found out quickly that there is much opposition to the message of GRACE in the church.

Honestly, this surprised me at first.  But I have found so many people that want to know more and are excited about the Gospel of Jesus which is the Gospel of Grace.  I consider myself someone who plants seed.  I am planting seeds of Grace in spite of opposition.  After all, that’s what Jesus did.  The religious didn’t like Jesus at all, but Jesus just kept sowing seeds of Grace.  Those seeds of Grace changed the world!

Since April 2008, Kevin Shiach, has been the lead Pastor of Broadway Family Fellowship in Melfort Saskatchewan, Canada.



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